Sanity, Budgets, and Project Timelines

Here’s the scenario: you and your partner move into a new home. One of you thinks the home is perfect “as is” and the other sees the new home as a blank canvas for all of their design fantasies.

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What’s the result of these two contrasting viewpoints? If you said bickering, you’d be correct about my relationship! My partner and I have polarizing ideas when it comes to our home budgets and timelines for projects. It’s resulted in arguments and muttering under our breath at one another more than a few times.

I have the ideas in my head, and when I try to show my other half Pinterest or pictures, that doesn’t translate well for the way that he thinks or imagines a future state. While I don’t have a one-size solution for those of you that are working through similar issues in your relationship, but I’m working on one that MIGHT work for the two of us. One that offers improved transparency in budget and project timelines. … and it’s a spreadsheet. Here she is:

This is the “index” if you will, with each room or project having its own sheet with links to items, the projected and actual costs, as well as the difference so that I know where I can flex funding for purchases. Because I don’t think this should be a mystery for people like me that are trying to update their homes, I will share the link to individual project sheets as I wrap up on a room or project.

And if you have a magic tool or trick for solving the bickering couple problems that come with home ownership and contrasting philosophies, please send your therapist’s contact info my way (kidding… maybe?!).

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