Hi! It’s nice to meet you!

Raise your hand, if like me, you have to scroll back 9 months or more in your camera roll to find a picture of yourself. So we’re here with this photo from our beach family photos last November. There was an option to post a picture of me with a bag of potato chips. It’s limited photo options out here as a mom.

Writing an “about me” is not something I love to do, so let’s keep it breezy. I’m coming up on my 40s; I’m a mom to two energetic, social children; I’m a wife; and a multitude of “ands” like most of you. I love losing myself in a creative project and with my kids becoming more independent, I’m finding more time to indulge in “me time” again.

We relocated to St. Louis, Missouri earlier this year, after 4.5 years in Fort Myers, FL. This space on the web and social is dedicated to the renovation and design journey of our family’s third home in St. Louis. This is also our first home that is not a new build, so we’re learning a TON about older home quirks and having the worst lawn in the neighborhood.

I’m here to share our journey, from timelines and budgets to sources and links, as well as all the mistakes I make along the way. I am grateful for the women in the world who have taught me so much about renovation and design via their design channels. This is my very small way of paying that education forward.