The Rainbow Room

Maybe, like me, you have a song that personifies your child. For my daughter, it’s “She’s A Rainbow” by the Rolling Stones. (Sidebar: Ted Lasso made this song even more endearing.) Rainbows have captivated her since she was a baby and have remained the most frequent subject of her art. All signs pointed to designing a rainbow room in our new home.

In our last home she started to ask for specific functional and design elements for her room: pink walls, a fluffy rug, and a bigger bed. And around that time, we knew we would be moving so I asked if we could wait to redesign her room until we were in a new home. We Pinterested away while we searched for a new home. As a reward for her patience, we prioritized designing both she and her brother’s rooms in the first couple of months of living here.

I gravitated toward earthy tones. She was insistent that pink would be the theme. We landed on an area rug we both loved. And a shade of pink. And began collecting all the elements from there.

The Rainbow Elements

The Paint Colors

The Furniture

I’m happy with progress on the rainbow room. We have a few more major projects left, which I plan to take on over the next month’ish. What’s that list look like? A lot of trim work; overhauling a closet (why oh why oh WHY do people use wire racks?!); and improving the lighting situation by removing an ugly fan and adding a whimsical GRIMSÅS light! With a twist, of course. You’ll have to return or follow on IG to see the progress on the room over the next four… maybe eight?… weeks.

#MicroDesigns: Window Treatments

Our house has seven types of window treatments. There’s no consistent theme by floor or by room. I’m trying to make decisions for the longer term design of our home and because I’m not a gajillionaire (yet!). I’m taking an approach of what I know works from our previous homes and frankly, taking treatments down in some spaces to understand if it is even necessary in a room.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark this post from Young House Love on hanging curtains.

Design likes: consistency room-to-room on each floor. I love curtains in bedrooms and more transparent, light feels around the main floor and basement. Design dislikes: blinds. I love my children but they are professional destroyers of blinds. Design NOs: plastic blinds. Really, blinds of any kind. And cleaning blinds is not an activity I enjoy. So, with the above considerations in mind, below is the plan for our home, by floor:


Half-Price Drapes Faux Linen Room Darkening Curtain

These look like linen without the fuss and beautifully block light. My two favorite colors are Birch (a warmer white) and Oyster (a cooler white). Swatches are available.
Price: $35/panel

Birch Faux Linen Blackout Room Darkening Curtain Half Price drapes


Umbra Cappa Curtain Rods

A classic with a modern take, these curtain rods are available in 4 finishes and in sizes ranging from 36″ to 120″. I’ve used these in all three of my homes.
Price: $20/rod

Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod



I get the appeal of spending $$$ on fabrics, but with young children and pets, I’m not ready to spend $150 or more on custom Roman shades. This is a family-friendly fabric and price.
Price: $25 for 34″x63″ and $30 for the 48″x63 ”

IKEA Ringblomma Roman Blinds


Ring Curtain Clips

I love the extra something that ring curtain clips add to curtains. In our last house, we had 9′ ceilings so they were necessary to help extend 96″ curtains. In our upstairs, the 96″ are perfect, but I may play with adding clips. These come in black, bronze, and silver.
Price: $10/36

36 Pack Rings Curtain Clips Strong Metal Decorative Drapery Window Curtain Ring with Clip Rustproof Vintage Compatible with up to 1 inch Drapery Rod Black

The Budget Breakdown

  • Upstairs: 6 windows
    • 10 pairs of curtains = $350
    • 6 curtain rods = $120
  • Main floor: 7 windows
    • 4, 34″x63″ windows (front of the house) = $100; using white shades
    • 3, 48″x63″ windows (in our breakfast room) = $90; using the green stripe shades
    • All other windows are going to be without treatments!
  • Downstairs:
    • 3, 48″x63″ windows = $90; using the white shades
    • 2 other larger windows that are TBD*
  • Grand total: *$750

Sanity, Budgets, and Project Timelines

Here’s the scenario: you and your partner move into a new home. One of you thinks the home is perfect “as is” and the other sees the new home as a blank canvas for all of their design fantasies.

West Becomes Home Pinterest Board - Ideas and Inspirations for Home Design and Home Renovation

What’s the result of these two contrasting viewpoints? If you said bickering, you’d be correct about my relationship! My partner and I have polarizing ideas when it comes to our home budgets and timelines for projects. It’s resulted in arguments and muttering under our breath at one another more than a few times.

I have the ideas in my head, and when I try to show my other half Pinterest or pictures, that doesn’t translate well for the way that he thinks or imagines a future state. While I don’t have a one-size solution for those of you that are working through similar issues in your relationship, but I’m working on one that MIGHT work for the two of us. One that offers improved transparency in budget and project timelines. … and it’s a spreadsheet. Here she is:

This is the “index” if you will, with each room or project having its own sheet with links to items, the projected and actual costs, as well as the difference so that I know where I can flex funding for purchases. Because I don’t think this should be a mystery for people like me that are trying to update their homes, I will share the link to individual project sheets as I wrap up on a room or project.

And if you have a magic tool or trick for solving the bickering couple problems that come with home ownership and contrasting philosophies, please send your therapist’s contact info my way (kidding… maybe?!).