The Rainbow Room

Maybe, like me, you have a song that personifies your child. For my daughter, it’s “She’s A Rainbow” by the Rolling Stones. (Sidebar: Ted Lasso made this song even more endearing.) Rainbows have captivated her since she was a baby and have remained the most frequent subject of her art. All signs pointed to designing a rainbow room in our new home.

In our last home she started to ask for specific functional and design elements for her room: pink walls, a fluffy rug, and a bigger bed. And around that time, we knew we would be moving so I asked if we could wait to redesign her room until we were in a new home. We Pinterested away while we searched for a new home. As a reward for her patience, we prioritized designing both she and her brother’s rooms in the first couple of months of living here.

I gravitated toward earthy tones. She was insistent that pink would be the theme. We landed on an area rug we both loved. And a shade of pink. And began collecting all the elements from there.

The Rainbow Elements

The Paint Colors

The Furniture

I’m happy with progress on the rainbow room. We have a few more major projects left, which I plan to take on over the next month’ish. What’s that list look like? A lot of trim work; overhauling a closet (why oh why oh WHY do people use wire racks?!); and improving the lighting situation by removing an ugly fan and adding a whimsical GRIMSÅS light! With a twist, of course. You’ll have to return or follow on IG to see the progress on the room over the next four… maybe eight?… weeks.